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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Fashion Trends of 2012

Statement Collars
Statement collars can be found as a studded or jeweled collar of a shirt or dress, or as a necklace in the shape of a collar. The advantage with statement collars is that you can use them to dress up an outfit without adding loads of jewelry.

Midriff Baring Tops
A new version of the crop top was introduced in 2012, called bralette tops. These were worn with just a sliver of skin showing underneath the top. It was most often worn with a high waist skirt.
Peplum is basically a hanging piece o fabric at the waist. I think with peplum it can help create an hourglass figure.  
Wedge Sneakers
Wedge sneakers give you the height and glam of wedges with the casualness and comfort of sneakers.
Statement Pants
Jeans and trousers were anything but basic. Pants came in a variety of prints, colors, and textures. 

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