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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion Trend: Wedge Sneakers

A mix between wedge sandals and sneakers, wedge sneakers give you optimum height and can still be stylish.

3. not found
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs $320
5. Amodii Leopard - Cognac Blink $79.99
6. Chloé Taupe Wedge Sneakers $645

1. Isabel Marant Betty Hi Top Sneaker White 230,40
2. not found
5. not found
6. combo wedge sneakers $25.90


  1. Yes I also agree with you that wedge sneakers give great height as well as stylish look. The wedge sneakers are just mind blowing. They are looking so trendy and funky.

  2. Where can I find #'s 1,5 and 6 in the top box and # 4 in the bottom box? LOVE THESE! Hope they are affordable.

    Kaitlyn McCall

    1. Top Box: 1. not the same but similar
      Bottom Box: 4.

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  17. In the wedge trainers i think that #3 is chlóe and #5 is river island. Im not completely sure but thats what i think they are coz the ones i have seen look like that btw my fave is the marc jacobs colourful ones and the ash coolbis black ones im gonna get the black ones as they are much cheaper now xx

  18. I meant #2 was chlóe soz