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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Beauty Trends of 2012

Pixie Cuts
This year many stars chopped off their locks. Vanessa Hudgens and Anne Hathaway did it for their movie roles in Gimmie Shelter and Les Miserables. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus personally decided to cut their hair because they wanted to change their look. Kellie Pickler choose to shave her head to support her friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Top Knot Bun
Loads of celebs wore their hair in a topknot bun. Miley wore her hair in a bun so often it even got its own twitter account. People started to use a sock or a bun donut to create their own perfect topknot.
Hair Color Matches Outfit
This year wild hair colors such as blue and purple were not vibrant but were in more muted tones. At red carpet events, celebs were able to match their hair color with their outfits without it looking too cartoony.

Stiletto Nails
Nails that were long and pointy or oval were a big trend for musicians. The long nails made even more room for nail art!
Ombre Hair
Ombre and dip dye locks were a trend especially for dark brown hair. It is a subtle way to go lighter without having to commit to having to dye your roots periodically.

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