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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Resolutions for 2013

I have a few suggestions for resolutions for 2013. The key to completing a resolution to focus on one instead of a long list, to set smaller goals throughout the year and to not give up on your goal no matter how bad you think you are doing. For more ideas see last year's post.

1.Use cuticle oil
Cuticle oil helps nails grow longer and stronger. It softens the cuticles and moisturizes your nail. It should be applied before the base coat of your manicure.     

2. Floss more often
When was the last time you flossed? You should floss everyday. It helps clean in between your teeth making it less likely for you to develop a gum infection or bacteria buildup.

3. Clean your makeup brushes
Makeup brushes are easy place for bacteria to buildup. You might even use them for more than one product or share them with your friends. If they are not cleaned periodically (once a week), it can cause your skin to breakout. You can wash them with soap or baby shampoo for a gentler touch.
4. Do some volunteer work
This doesn't mean you have to commit to doing something once a week. You should research volunteer opportunities that interest you such as a walk for charity, planting in a garden or giving meals to the hungry.

5. Read more
Is there a book you always wanted to read but never got around to it? Books turned into movies or movies turned into books count as well. You can get more out of a book than you can out of a movie or TV show.

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