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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fashion Trend: Tribal Prints

The tribal print trend is a replication prints inspired by Native American, Pacific Islander and African tribes. There are a few different types of tribal prints based on different tribes.

Native American Prints
Ikat Print

G by Giuliana Rancic Ikat-Print Dress with Drawstring Waist $69.90

 Navajo Print

(Left to Right) Topshop Red Navaho Coatigan ($160) Zara Long Jacquard Cardigan ($59.99) Juyoun Nordic Jacquard Sweater Coatigan ($76.99)
Ganado Print

 Chinle Print 
Chinle Print Bodycon Skirt $7.80  
Cutout Chinle Cutout Dress $32.80

African Prints 
Dutch Wax Print 
Balenciaga 2010
Gucci 2010
Pacific Islander Prints
Tapa Print

Vintage 50s HAWAIIAN Tiki Tapa Print Pake Muu Tropical Summer Dress $46.00

Batik Print

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