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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beauty Launches Coming This Spring

Artistic Eyeshadow 
The Shadow palette features a camouflage pattern of swirled silver, gray, charcoal and purple shades. 

Guerlain's Refillable Mascara
The portable container and built in mirror will make putting on mascara, a breeze!

Dream Bouncy Blush 
The gel formula has the lightness of a powder and the blendability of a cream. 

A safe hair straightening system 
Ojon uses a plant-based keratin to realign keratin bonds, sealing in straightness and eliminating frizz.  The formula has the same pH as your hair, so it's gentle and non-corrosive, meaning no gloves or masks needed. Each treatment takes 90 minutes and lasts 30 shampoos. It comes in two types: one for loose, wavy curls and one for medium to tight curls. 

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